Stronger and more break resistant

Stretch film FORCE

Benefits for your company and product features

  • Fast and easy saving
  • Consequnet efficiency of using film
  • Quick adaptation
  • Fast application
  • Resits atypical balast
  • Stabilizes pallet load
  • FORCE film has a better punctutre resistance
  • Less wastes
  • Efficiency

Including our customers’ needs we’ve invented new, improved stretch film.

We’ve got 2 kinds of FORCE film:

  • FORCE (12 – 18 mu),
  • SUPERFORCE (8 – 10 mu).

Manual and machine applications available.

Stretch film FORCE parameters

Typical sizes and specs

Net weight
[kg] / (+/-1%)
[m] / (+/-3%)
Pcs per euro pallet 120x80
Pcs per ind pallet 120x100