Best silage film

Silage film ULTRAX

Benefits for your company and product features

ULTRAX has been invented by our staff, experienced in high performance films production.

  • Guarantee of calm winter and commercial success
  • High resistance for mechanical demages
  • Strong cling
  • UV protection
  • Oxygen low permability
  • Attractive packaging
  • Hue’s high level
  • Compound of competitive price and highest quality

Thanks to that kind of approach, nothing’s left accidently, perfect quality has solid background in knowledge, new technology and great organized production process.

Quality of agriculture film is decisive if silage process goes properly, and if obtained feed is going to be enough for the animals. Every farmer knows that apparent savings could cause the lack of the feed in wintertime. So at the end of the day loss is much bigger than just few pennies saved by cheaper silage film.

Typical sizes and specs

Net weight
[kg] / (+/-1%)
[m] / (+/-3%)
Pcs per euro pallet 120x80
Pcs per ind pallet 120x100