Steel strong pallet wrap

Prestretch film METALINE

Benefits for your company and product features

  • Steel strong pallet wrap and exceptional resistance
  • We’re the biggest manufacturer of prestretch film in Europe, we produce millions of rolls yearly
  • It doesn’t need to be stretched
  • It adjusts to the load’s shape
  • It provides the proper security of wrapped goods
  • Reduction of time and effort needed  for pallet wrap
  • Produced of best resins in the world
  • Double, reinforced edge, more resistant for snapping
  • Thinner film allows to save extra money
  • Each roll has an individual core label with tracking number

Proper way of using prestretch film METALINE requires as many wraps as standard film, it’s much thinner than standard film therefore is cheaper and reduces packaging costs. Antistatic additive gives better safety conditions, it eliminates sparks during the wrapping goods. Thanks that film is more quiet and more adhesive. Wrapped pallets stay longer clean, dust pieces stay away from the load. METALINE stretch film surprises by better resistance. It’s save for health and environment. Saves your time and money.

Prestretch METALINE parameters

Typical sizes and specs

Net weight
[kg] / (+/-1%)
[m] / (+/-3%)
Pcs per euro pallet 120x80
Pcs per ind pallet 120x100