A small roll of stretch film for everyday use


Benefits for your company and product features

  • Perfect for bundling of small dispatches
  • Initially secures pallet loads
  • Connects and bundles stuff like carpets, logs, bulider sqares, soft wires and hydraulic pipes
  • Designed to closing open boxes and for protection for vulnerable surfaces
  • Efficiency: good stretch, 3 times film elongation

Selfadhesive and clear, there are no marks after removal, LLDPE film, 3 layers, inside cling, thickness 15-23 mu, Core Ø 38 mm, length 150 m, 100 mm wide.

Typical sizes and specs

Net weight
[kg] / (+/-1%)
[m] / (+/-3%)
Pcs per euro pallet 120x80
Pcs per ind pallet 120x100